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Notice of Public Meeting
April 3, 2018
5:30 pm
A. Leonard Allen Municipal Building
104 West Main Street
Winnfield, LA. 71483

Attending: LEPA


City Ordinance
Sec. 9-69. Effect of contract to remove trash from property of water customer.

In all instances where a water customer has contracted with a third party to cut trees and/or limbs or to demolish buildings, the responsibility for the removal of the trash resulting therefrom shall be with the third party primarily and secondarily with the water customer and such trash shall not be collected or picked up by the municipal service. (Code 1962, 8-5-4; Ord. No. 8-1971, 4,5-11-71



Please keep the leaves and other trash out of the ditches. This debris stops up the system causing high water.

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Do you need financial assistance in paying your utility bill? 
Contact your local Pine belt Multi Purpose Office at 318-628-2153 and ask how they can assist you.
The office is located at 1206 West Lafayette Street. Winnfield, LA. 71483. 
Operating hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 10:30 am- 3pm and Thursday's for a few hours.

Annual Water Quality Report

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City Councilman Meetings Every 2nd Tuesday Of each Month. 6PM- UNTIL
Allen Building
104 West Main Street
Winnfield, LA 71483 

Share your love for Louisiana by becoming a travel ambassador at

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 If you have an after hours electric, or sewer emergency, please call 1-866-448-6497. This telephone number is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please be mindful that this number is for emergencies only. Non-emergencies can be reported to City Hall at 
318-628-3939 during normal operating hours. 

 The City of Winnfield is Warning its business and residential customers to be aware that fraudulent callers are contacting utility customers and demanding that a bill payment be made immediately or they will face utility disconnection.
    The City of Winnfield WILL NOT call and demand payment from customers. Please hang up if you receive this type of call, and do not fall victim to this scam. While these fraudulent calls sound very realistic, they are actually an attempt to gain access to your financial information. Customers can contact the utility office at 628-4452 should they have any questions regarding their utility account. Please remember that the City of Winnfield WILL NOT call and demand payment from customers.

When responding to emergencies, the City of Winnfield Police and Fire Departments sometimes have a hard time finding the right address. Every second counts during an emergency. Valuable time can be lost if your house number is not clearly posted where emergency responders can see it. Firefighters, EMS responders, and police officers cannot provide emergency services to you or your family if they cannot find your house. Having your address posted clearly and visibly allows them to find you much quicker.

Ask yourself these questions:

•Can your house be found easily by passing cars?
•Is your house number easily found from the street?
•Can it be found quickly in an emergency?
•Can it be found at night?
•Can it be found from a distance?
•Can it be found when seconds count?

If the answer is NO, please consider putting up a new address sign with your house number.

Here are some recommendations:

•Post your address clearly and prominently at the end of your driveway and on your home.
•Posting your 9-1-1 address at the driveway entrance and on your home will alleviate any confusion as to whether emergency responders have the correct location.
•Try using something reflective or illuminated so that it can be seen in the evening as well as during the day.
•Use large numbers and make sure it can be seen from all directions.
•Do not assume since your mailbox is marked, you have posted your address � mailboxes are not always at the entrance of a driveway.

Should you have questions concerning the display of your 911 Address, please contact City Hall at 


 Recently the Winnfield Fire Department was able to obtain a vehicle from the Federal Government Surplus in Baton Rouge. Through the efforts of both paid and volunteer firemen, fundraisers and donations generated a great portion of the funds needed to purchase this vehicle at the surplus cost of ten thousand dollars.

In light of recent flooding and natural disasters, this unit will be useful in not only flooding situations, but also other natural disaster for the citizens of Winnfield and Winn Parish.


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8/10/2017 - 5/23/2018 2017-2018 Winn Parish School Schedule -  Image result for back to school
 Winn Parish SCHOOL CALENDAR 2017-2018
August, 2017 10-11 Staff Development
14 Staff Development
15 First Day for Students (˝ day)
September 4 Labor Day Holiday*
20 Progress Reports
October 9-10 Fall Break*
20 End of 1 st 9 week grading period
30 Parent Conference 12:00-7:00 (No Students)*
November 17 ˝ Day
20-24 Thanksgiving Holidays *
29 Progress Reports
December 19-21 EXAMS
22 ˝ Day 25-
Jan. 5 Christmas Holidays *
January, 2018 8 2 nd Semester Begins
12 Report Cards
15 Martin L. King Holiday *
February 15 Students ˝ Day / Parent Conference 12:00-7:00
16 Staff Development 8:00-12:30 (No Students)*
19 Presidents’ Day *
March 9 End of 3rd 9 week grading period
16 Report Cards 26-April 2 Spring Break *
April 18 Progress Reports
May 9 Seniors’ Last Day 22 Students’ Last Day
23 Teacher Work Day, Mail Report Cards (˝ Day)
4/20/2018 - 4/21/2018 2018 LOUISIANA FOREST FESTIVAL - Friday, April 20th 
6:00 pm
The Forest Festival Parade on Main Street

Fireworks, vendors and live music (Beaux Atkins) after the parade at the Winn Parish Fair Grounds

Saturday, April 21st
Winn Parish Fair grounds

> Professional Lumberjack Competitions
> Fun run
> Woodcarving
> Pet Show
> Loader Competition
> Skidder Competition
> Food Vendors
> Arts & Crafts Vendors
> 4-H Woodsmen Skills
> Barrel Run
> Big Truck Show
> BBQ Cook-Off
it’s almost festival time! which means it’s almost parade time!! we’re still taking entry’s for floats, clubs, businesses, and more! please contact Kelley Skains at 318-332-9488 for more details! and make sure you come out and enjoy some of the amazing events the next day at the Louisiana Forest Festival!

6/2/2018 Dugdemona Summer Fest -

Downtown Winnfield, LA.
Lots of activites for the entire family, live d.j. and entertainment , food vendors and much more! 
For vendor information contact us on facebook or call 318-628-0401.



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